Dear Member,

Welcome to the new membership year of the L.A. Concierge Association!  Thank you for you interest and support.

We have many exciting events planned this year and strongly encourage you to attend as many as possible.  Our monthly events aim to be educational experiences that we hope will inspire you and offer you an opportunity to learn and network with fellow members and vendors.

Our association is only as successful as our members make it. Without your valued input and support, we cannot reach our full potential. Your LACA Board of Directors hopes you share in our enthusiasm for our association by showing participation and encouraging others to do so.

Along with wonderful benefits our association has to offer, we also have a few guidelines to follow. You will find policies and procedures, code of conduct, application(s), and more on our website www.thelaca.com. We ask that you take a few minutes to read over the available information to familiarize yourself with some of our standards of conduct and media policies. We take pride in our professionalism with our vendors and hope you will too.

Members of the LACA Board of Directors can be reached anytime by emailing us at info@thelaca.com.