Thinking about applying for your keys?

Are you thinking of applying for Les Clefs d’ Or?  If so, here are some things you need to know:

There are two websites that will become a great resource for you:, our United States website, and, the UICH (Union International des Concierges d’ Hotels) website.  Once you are a member of the United States section, you are automatically a member of the International Les Clefs d’ Or family.  Both websites have great tools to help you in your quest to get your “Golden Keys”. 

We are lucky in the LA Concierge Association to have many members who are also members of Les Clefs d’ Or.  Please take this time to meet and really get to know as many Les Clefs d’ Or members as possible.  When it does become time to apply, your Les Clefs d’ Or friends in LA and ultimately around the country are all asked for their constructive input about you. 

Some basics to keep in mind before you apply are as follows:

  • You must be at least 21 years of age and active in the LACA and or local community.
  • You must be employed by a hotel or resort hotel which has a transient clientele as a full-time hotel lobby-level concierge for a minimum of five years. 
  • The desk must have a sign that includes the word “concierge.”
  • The final year prior to applying for membership must be worked continuously as a full-time hotel lobby concierge.
  • Concierge working on VIP floors and who are not available to the whole hotel’s transient clientele are not eligible.
  • You are also asked about any volunteer work which while not mandatory, does look great! So please make some time to give back in any way you see fit.

Applications are processed quarterly.  Submission deadlines are 5:00 pm Eastern time on March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st.  It takes about three months or more to get through the entire process. Before you apply there is an online checklist that you must fill out for the Director of Membership.  Assuming you do qualify, you will then be sent an application which must be filled out entirely and ultimately notarized in parts.  You must have Les Clefs d’ Or Sponsors who really know you well.  Ideally they will come to your hotel to see you in action and to see how AWESOME you are! They will also double check that your desk has proper Concierge signage.  Your sponsors will be instrumental in mentoring you along the way. 

There will be a $100 non refundable application fee.  You will need a letter of reference from your General manger in addition to letters confirming employment as a hotel lobby concierge for at least five years from a Human Resources manager.  Both the General Manager’s letter and HR letter must be dated within three months of your application.  If you have had other employment in between, those can be included but are not necessary. You will need a business card and a picture of you at the concierge desk in uniform or work suit with the sign concierge included.  Also, if you have switched properties recently, you will need at least one year of continuous service at your current hotel before you can apply.

Once your application and fee have been submitted to the Director of Membership and are all in good order, the membership committee of Les Clefs d’ Or USA processes your application. There will be a telephone interview that you know about and a secret test call which you must pass and follow up on.  This last part is very important as if you do not follow up on your secret test call no matter how great the call went, you will not pass. There is verification of past employment as a concierge going back five years, verification that your sponsors really support you, and verification of how your immediate supervisor feels about you.

Les Clefs d’ Or Concierge in the Los Angeles area are called to get a minimum of three great, definite, recommendations for membership into Les Clefs d’ Or USA. Once processed the Board of Les Clefs d’ Or will ultimately decide if you are ready yet.  While this is all happening, there will a lengthy written test which you will be given a strict deadline to complete.  The test is designed to have you reach out and we are here for you!

If accepted in Les Clefs d’ Or your membership initiation fee will be $325.  Annual dues are $275 a year after your year of probation as a provisional member.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact me at or

Best of LUCK in the application process!

In Service through Friendship,

“Dai”  Daisaku Vondran

Concierge Sheraton Universal Hotel  • Member, LA Concierge Association • Member, Les Clefs d’ Or USA

LA Concierge Association 2018 Les Clefs d’ Or Liaison