Code of Conduct & Media Policy

As a representative of the L.A. Concierge Association and your own hotel, it is vital to always maintain the highest level of professionalism on or off the job. It is your responsibility maintain high professional standards to create success for you and your department.

Following is the LACA Code of Conduct and Standards:

  • Always maintain a professional and well-groomed appearance. Stay poised under all circumstances.
  • A frustrated or overworked appearance should never be shown. Always keep your work area neat and organized.
  • Show courtesy and helpfulness at all times.
  • Do not show anger toward or in front of a guest.
  • Each guest should feel as though they are your top priority. Make them feel like your first guest of the day.
  • Do not misuse your position of authority by demanding goods or services from vendors for your own personal gain.
  • A vendor should be recommended based on quality of service, not because commissions are available to you.
  • Return phone calls promptly.
  • Never mention gratuities to your co-workers or guests.
  • Always thank your guests when they remember you in some way, or send a note of thanks when you receive a generous gratuity.
  • Never gossip about guests or colleagues, either at work or with the press.
  • You should never double-book a restaurant for a guest.
  • Tactfully decline doing anything illegal or unethical for a guest.
  • Advise guests if a service fee or surcharge is added to a price, especially on tickets.
  • Always honor your commitments to colleagues and others.
  • Use your professional judgment in the evaluation of goods and services.
  • Never practice nor permit discrimination on the basis of race, sex, age, national origination, or sexual orientation.
  • Your professional performance as a Concierge should never conflict with any personal problems.
  • Never take advantage of a restaurant that invites you in by ordering the most expensive items on the menu or expensive wines.
  • Leave an appropriate gratuity when invited to a restaurant, whether the meal is complimentary or paid. 20% is suggested.
  • If a restaurant invites you alone, do not impose by bringing a guest. Never call to ask for an exception.
  • Keep in mind that when you are invited out to a theater, restaurant or hospitality event, that you are a Concierge “on duty.” Always act in a professional manner and dress accordingly.
  • Always thank your host before you depart and follow-up with a note of thanks.
  • Never give invitations meant for a Concierge to friends or co-workers.
  • Keep in mind when you attend any Concierge functions, you are representing your hotel, your profession and the L.A. Concierge Association.

Following is the LACA Social Media Policy:

• The LACA’s social media accounts are recognized as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and the LACA Website
• The LACA’s social media goals are in alignment with the spirit of our mission statement
• The goal of our social media efforts is to promote our brand and serve as an information source for our membership, partners and the general public
• While our LACA social media platforms encourage sharing information, it is not the place to do business with a customer, vendor or business partner
• LACA members are prohibited from posting any third party intellectual property rights
• LACA members are prohibited from posting any derogatory, discriminatory or harassing content 
• LACA members are prohibited from posting any of our association’s confidential information 
• LACA Board reserves the right to edit or amend any material or comments depicted in our social media platforms that it deemmisleading or inaccurate
• LACA Board reserves the right to delete any comment that is deemed derogatory or violates our code of conduct
• LACA members are allowed to associate themselves with LACA when posting on social media but they must clearly brand their online posts as personal and purely their own
• The LACA should not be held liable for any repercussions a member’s content may generate
• LACA Board reserves the right to take action if members or partners fail to abide by our social media policy

Following is the LACA Public Relations Policy:

• The LACA President and Secretary are the only authorized public spokespersons for the LACA
• Only the President and Secretary are allowed to make official public statements and communicate to the media and government
• The LACA Board reserves the right to set out disciplinary action to members who do not cooperate with our association’s public relations policy